MESSAGE 7th May 2019
We are getting the Master O frame back into production!!
Please if you want one, I'm taking pre orders.  $400
Please ring 02 97581280 to place your order payments wont be processed until shipment but a $100 deposit would be appreciated 30 day before shipping. 

SIMPLEX has been a symbol of quality and reliability for Australian shooters and hand loaders for over 50 years. From our company's beginnings in 1958, producing the famous Super Simplex Press.

We are 100% Australian Owned and 100% Australian made. You don't see that much anymore. So please support Australian Manufacturing and buy Simplex.

G Day My name is Natasha Welsh. I created this site in June 2014 so Simplex owners could download instructions and access information on spare parts and to let shooters know we are still here and you can still buy our products.
Many people don't realise we are still here making reloading equipment in Australia. My Pop, Eric Marden, used to make Simplex Reloading presses and dies in a little factory in his back yard before i was even born. He has long passed and my father , William Marden, took the business over and continued to make Simplex Reloading Equipment, growing the business and exporting Simplex Products all over the world. Unfortunately the business fell on hard times due to cheap imports and the economic climate and it branched out into general engineering. We always continued to make the Simplex products.
If you see something on this web site we still stock it. Some of the dies may not be in stock but most will.

Send me an email or give us a call and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to see what some shooters think of our products Here is a link to a forum that a very nice man made about us

We don't currently have any Simplex Master Turret Presses
We have limited stock of Simplex Master O Frame Presses but we will be producing more Simplex Master O Frame Presses in the new year.

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